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Is Holistic Pain Management effective for any kind of pain?

It is effective for almost ANY kind of muscular based pain issues. It is not recommended for newly broken bones, torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments. It will, however, be effective in dealing with the pain and

stiffness resulting from those conditions after they have been mended. Any muscled injuries sustained,

should wait at least one day before treatment, as manual therapy should not be applied to injuries in the

" acute stage"


Can Holistic Pain Management be effective for my " Slipped discs " or "pinched nerves? "

Absolutely. The fact is, many times, common muscle based neck and back pain can be misdiagnosed as

either a "slipped disc " or "pinched nerve ". A good indicator of muscle based tension would be if the tension 

 in the area comes and goes prior to becoming painful, whereas a structural based issue will be a sudden,

constant, piercing pain. If your pain comes and goes at any time, odds are that it's muscle based, and

therefore treatable.


How many sessions will it take to fix my injury?

Typically, pain will be greatly reduced after the very first session. The number of sessions required, is determined

during your consultation and varies depending on each individual need. 


s Holistic Pain Management Guaranteed to fix my problem? 

There are no guarantees from any form of pain management. However, HPM is guaranteed to provide the most risk free, least invasive method to dealing with your pain issues. 


Is Holistic Pain Management covered by insurance?


Are home sessions Available? 

Home sessions may be made available on a case by case basis. A massage table must be provided at the location.

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